Sunday, March 19, 2017

ALLIED dir. Robert Zemeckis (2016)

What do you think it feels like to turn in very good performances, as Pitt and Cotillard do, and then watch the film to see that the cinematography has no depth or character, the extras are astoundingly bad (saboteur-level,) and the score is by turns limp and lame?  The whole affair seems like a prestige picture from the 90's that got gussied-up with modern after-effects.  Middlebrau like flat beer.

To be fair, Brad and Marion presumably read the unoriginal script, and hopefully had an assistant capable of pointing out that its author owns a clothing line based on his similarly uninspired creation, PEAKY BLINDERS.  Style over substance, and tired imitations of style at that.  Akin to 90's slacker-indie-rock revivalism, but that is a diatribe for another time...

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