Friday, March 10, 2017

Amy Schumer THE LEATHER SPECIAL (2017)

Amy has the throne and Netflix is a disturbingly well-run company.  Amy's expanded and improved her physical humor and there is just no one who conducts a better maglev of humor and guts than her. Off-topic: her book was funny and brave and slightly tedious, but that seems what like most of these books by comedians end up being, except Michael Ian Black, WHO STEPH AND I JUST MET AND CREEPED OUT! He is such a careful craftsman of sentences and has a more literary spirit than stand-up I think.  He's an insanely good improviser though, so I think specificity is his strength, whereas the world-beater stand-ups--Chris Rock, Louis C.K., Amy, Jerry etc.-- have to go broad and universal to achieve that status.  

PS I found the perfect retirement home for Pat in Bland, MO

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