Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Joni Mitchell

one of the dang jazz guys I start the morning with worked in a Christmas song motif and I needed a fix, took a lot of discipline but I restrained myself to River.  What a song.  It was the entry point I needed to get lost in Joni, who is just singularly great.  Regret that it took me so long to learn that.


Scott Nye said...

"River" is one of those songs that's so heartbreaking, I almost never listen to it. And I listen to Joni practically nonstop. The notes of "Jingle Bells" is what really seals the deal. I hear those come up on shuffle and it's like "nope."

Ben said...

One of your tweets at some point in the last year or so got me to give her a real honest try, and I will always be grateful. Thinking about all the grumpy indie I listened to when Joni goshdarn Mitchell was an option is a humbling reminder to keep a more open and curious mind. I was only hurting myself!