Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Olds will try to tell you it is the best show on television.  I can squint and see saying it is the best drama on television, but there are at least five 2016 comedies I would take over it without blinking.  The show is great when it sets the adults up in opposition or uneasy cooperation, but as the Paige saga (now with 900% more Pastor Tim and Alice!) continues to fester and consume the show with necrotic banality, we've lost the verve of seasons one and two, where Elizabeth and Philip were confronted with incredible challenges and had to find a way out-- at its best reminiscent of the set-pieces of BREAKING BAD.  And those external battles would reflect in the internal chess of their marriage.  Both aspects were mostly lost in season three and are completely gone in season four.  Season five just started, with renewed interested in our relationship with the Russians, and season six will be the end: must I keep slogging?  Will it improve?  I can't trust the olds to tell me! It can be beautiful, thoughtful, and engaging, but television critics are giving it such a pass on its dreadfully slow storytelling and now-static relationship/characters of Elizabeth and Philip, who by turns hector and assuage Paige, the worst teenage character since Dana.  Dana, you were awful, but Paige has taken the throne.


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