Sunday, April 30, 2017

San Fermin BELONG (2017)

One of the best live bands (8-piece!) I've ever seen, can't recommend seeing them enough.  They just started a tour behind BELONG, which Steph & co. caught in Portland.  They create an enormous sound, and downhill momentum that is so rare.  BELONG doesn't quite capture the verve and swing and crescendo of those euphoric moments.  Not sure what their recording process is, but it sounds a little flat, especially with the live show point-of-reference.  There also just isn't enough of vocalist Allen Tate, who possesses one of the coolest baritones on the planet.  Charlene Kaye is a tremendous showwoman, but her technically precise voice comes off as a bit thin and aetheric on record, blurring the songs into mood-pieces, which is trendy I guess, but does them a disservice.  She's a great counter-point to Allen, but personally I have trouble latching on and remembering her songs. The opposite problem as CHVRCHES, but they wisely don't split duties down the middle.

Spoon HOT THOUGHTS (2017)

Spoon make perseverance music.  To live in this world, you need to turn the fader up, tilt the L-R balance, bass up treble down, and cruise to your own whim, picking fights where necessary to keep your self-respect.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Future Islands THE FAR FIELD (2016)

I don't know how these guys do it, but they make the most perfectly propulsive springtime music: it is a distillation of a winter thaw, a college campus of competing and coinciding young narratives tied by a common thread of past and future both looming impossibly large.

Monday, April 10, 2017

HOMELAND S6 (2017)

After that finale, I am straight dunking on everyone who thinks THE AMERICANS has more to offer.  This episode was its own SICARIO, while resolving threads of past seasons, setting the stage for the next, and being bafflingly on pointe re: our horrifying now.

ps Straight out of Portland is the primer you need:

pps I've been suffering serious podcast fatigue for awhile now, probably dating back to the election if not before, and somehow this was a breath of fresh air.  He's born to the medium, and keeping it to 30:00 is 100%.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

REVIEW S3 (2017)

I can give no higher praise than Andy Daly created the modern Don Quixote.

(thanks Flavorwire)