Friday, May 19, 2017

Song of the Summer

My favorite song of the year thus far, and a 50:1 to break big, but it was really good to hear it on Top 40 the other night, as it has only climbed to 49 on the Hot 100.  It takes tropical house's luxury-lite aesthetic and gives it a steely backbone, boldly assuring us that salvation (romantic or perhaps political?) will be ours whether we can bear to ask for it or not.

The safe bets are "Despecito", which is p. good but will get stuck in your head soooo bad, "Something Just Like This" (whatevs,) and "Shape of You", which is just inescapable on radio right now, has 1.1B views on YouTube, and is the male gaze-y Lex Luthor to Gaga's Superman.  And now we get to look forward to seeing that schmuck on Game of Thrones.  "It Ain't Me" would also be great in my book but Selena just doesn't get the adoration she deserves.  So says I, adorer of Selena.

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