Tuesday, July 18, 2017

FARGO S3 (2017)

Less fun than its predecessors, but I think more important. They created a villain who maps precisely on how actual evil operates like today: sociopathic determination to extract wealth at any cost, and use the existing infrastructure and good will of ordinary people against them.  David Thewlis is bone-chillingly vile. Carrie Coon plays it quiet and straight, with soul, like a Bill Evans solo album, and deserves so much work after this.  The struggle of the Ewan McGregor brothers place it within the literary timeline stretching back to Genesis. A profound, perfectly executed fable for our modern times, ended with grandmaster confidence.

We live in a time of convoluted predation; fractions of blood by vampire bats. Humans are volitional predators who've killed all else so cannibalism remains. Our society is dying because the herbivores refuse to band together against the carnivores, and pretend evil like this is either imaginary or inevitable, intractable, the cost of doing business.

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