Saturday, August 05, 2017


Beautifully filmed in London, painful and joyful to watch, similar to LOVE but at a different stage in the relationship.  Both know where the pressure points are, and neither is afraid to put its couple through the wringer to examine how characters respond.  CATASTROPHE feels more tense in the process--Sharon and Rob make their jobs, mortgage and kids so real you feel like you share in the burden--and Rob's succumbing in secret to back to alcoholism was hinted at and serialized in its ups and downs like the sordid, humiliating part of the hero's journey that it is.  It is funny too, but not big set-piece funny, opting for the more personal brand of humor that two people forge together, and supplementing it by saving the best one-liners for their rogue's gallery of deplorable, deeply human, friends.  Some of the accents are so back-side-of-the-spoon thick that jokes are probably lost on me and others in the American audience, but there's plenty to go around.

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