Sunday, August 06, 2017

PERSON TO PERSON dir. Dustin Guy Defa (2017)

The low-key ebullience of not being alone in a city. Having people and a purpose.  Bene Coopersmith (above) is a terrific mostly non-actor --he runs a record store in Brooklyn--and I hope to see him in more stuff.  If not, this was a great role, and he played it with an unusual and very cool combination of grace, verve and charm.  It goes without saying that I would love a full PI movie of Abbi Jacobsen and Michael Cera, but I'll settle for this goofy novella.  I didn't find much in the Tavi Gevinson third, other than a thought about precociousness being its own challenge, but maybe it was to and for her underserved audience.  If you are in an emotionally exhausted place, I bet this film would put you back on your feet.  Salut!

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