Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So I went and saw me some Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (a tribute to the dearly departed Harumph!)

Because Shakeer has decided that he wasn't breaking enough hearts the old-fashioned way and chose to discontinue his blog (when I read that last post I felt like Obi-Wan when the Death Star destroys Alderaan), the Outsiders obviously need to pick up the slack with regards to concert reviews. As such, your two intrepid Irish investigators, John and myself, were in attendance when Clap Your Hands Say Yeah played here at Notre Dame Saturday night. And I was moderately disappointed, mainly in Alec, the lead singer who appeared half-hearted in everything except "Helpless," a Neil Young song they covered to end the show. I can't really blame him because maybe 10% of the people there were actually fans or had even previously listened to their music, the rest were there for other reasons (there is something to be said for charging for tickets.) So they got very little crowd feedback, except for plenty of inebriated dancing. Their CD just sounds significantly better to me, which made seeing them live unsatisfying. On the other hand, I really dug the opening band, Margot & The Nuclear So & So's and didn't feel so bad about accidentally buying their CD before I had even heard them. Unfortunately the CD isn't nearly as good as they were live. Man, life is just crazy, isn't it?

I don't really have any other Domer news. I guess I didn't know it was possible to miss this many things at one time.

"It is a horrible thing to feel slipping away everything that we possess." -Blaise Pascal


Magda said...

I've only heard one of their songs (Tidal Wave of Young Blood?) but I rather enjoyed it.

Hey, but free concert... not a bad deal.

So how's the DJing?

Ben said...

Yeah, they played Tidal Wave as one of their encore songs, which was ballsy seeing as though with that crowd, calls for an encore were not guaranteed. I am enjoying the radio station very much, though more student listeners would be cool. But hey, my partner is leaving next semester for Greece, so if you want to transfer in, now is the time to do it. Oh yeah, and if any of y'all are up between 12 and 2 Central Time, give me a call at 574-631-7342. You couldn't hear the song, but I would talk about you and play your song (if we had it) and for a brief moment you would be a Michiana celebrity.

Magda said...

12 and 2 on what days?

Ben said...

Oh, sorry. Thursdays. It didn't work when Cynda tried it, so if it doesn't call my cell phone. That would be almost as cool. Especially since my cell phone is so underused these days.

Scott said...

Is that 12 to 2 AM Thursday MORNING, or 12 to 2 AM the morning AFTER Thursday night? Y'see what I'm getting at?

Shakeer said...

Did they do the christmas lights thing Ben?

Maggie, if you liked that song, they have more free mp3s on their site:

And yeah I feel whorish saying this but you guys, I also managed to get a radio show and the time slot is even more obscene then Ben's but if you guys are ever up from 4-6am (EST) on Friday mornings and want to listen, just go to wbar.org. It's all broadcast online. It's actually an alright slot usually because for the most part everyone has Friday off at Columbia but unfortunately I managed to land myself a discussion section just two and a half hours after my 4-6am radio slot. That won't be fun. Well maybe it will. We'll see.

Ben said...

-No Christmas lights unfortunately.
-Thursday night, Friday morning.
-I didn't realize it Shakeer, but I can leave my show, go to the Grotto, get back to the dorm, get out my homework, and then turn on your show. And I think that is pretty sweet. The timezones actually help for a change! I am never doing homwork Thursday nights again. Which of course frees me up for the O.C. Life is good.

imac said...

Words cannot describe my hatred for the O.C.

Pat said...

Ditto Ian.

Cynda said...

I could not agree with pat and ian more.